Krishnasol Jiménez, Maria Cristina Kiehr and Roberto Koch

September 2020 - Krishnasol Jiménez with Maria Cristina Kiehr and Roberto Koch

Live recording from the recording session of the CD "Navigating Foreign Waters", 3 september 2020, Martinskirche in Müllheim, Freiburg, DE

Krishnasol Jiménez recording Bartolotti

March 2015 - Krishnasol Jiménez

This was part of the recording session of the CD BARTOLOTTI - SECONDO LIBRO DI CHITARRA, ROMA 1656, (different mikes) in Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi in Museo del Violino in Cremona. This 25 mins Suite is wonderful and extremely complicated to play. The session took place at night to prevent the microphones from picking up noises outside the auditorium. Krishnasol was really great in this performance. The guitar was tuned 392 Hz

Rolf Lislevand, Tarantela by Santiago de Murcia

November 2011 - Rolf Lislevand

Rolf Lislevand tries the Sabionari for his first time. He plays a famous Tarantela by Santiago de Murcia. The Sabionari was tuned 392 Hz with gut strings.
This video, published on the Museo del Violino Youtube channel has been viewed more than 1,4 Million times. The same video, published on Facebook by The GuitArchive, is in the list of Top 10 Most Viewed Videos with 4,9 Million viewes.

Recording De Visée CD

September 2012 - Krishnasol Jiménez

The recording session by Krishnasol Jiménez of the first CD with the Sabionari in SS.Annunziata Monastery in Rovato, Brescia, Italy. Music by Robert de Visée pulished in 1682 and 1686. Krishnasol used two different tunings  392 Hz. Traditional baroque tuning and a second in G for the Suite "in Scordatura" following De Visée instructions 

Ugo Nastrucci improvisation

August 2011 - Ugo Nastrucci

Maestro Ugo Nastrucci tries for the first time the Sabionari Guitar improvising some popular Spanish music. The guitar was probably tuned 440 Hz or a little lower. A stereo mike at 1,5 meters recorded the direct sound and the natural reverberation of the room

Krishnasol Jiménez, Minuet by Robert De Visée

June 2012 - Krishnasol Jiménez

First concert in Cremona at Stradivarius Museum (San Domenico Hall). Krishnasol Jiménez is developing the program for his next CD with the Sabionari. Music by Robert de Visée. The guitar was tuned 392 Hz with gut strings

Rolf Lislevand and Corbetta

May 2014 - Rolf Lislevand

On 10 may 2014 Rolf Lislevand performed his first concert with the Sabionari in Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi in Museo del Violino in Cremona. Here is a little extract with the Autre Chaconne by Francesco Corbetta (1671). The guitar was tuned 392 Hz

Rolf Lislevand Scaramanzia

May 2016 - Rolf Lislevand

On 20 may 2016 a new concert by Rolf Lislevand in Modena (Italy). Here is his famous interpretation of Scaramanzia by the italian Antonio Carbonchi (1940). The composer developed a sequence of harmonic chords waiting for the developing of an improvisation by the performer. The guitar was tuned 415 Hz

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