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The Sabionari guitar (1679) is one of the five surviving guitars made by Antonio Stradivari. At the present time it is the only playable in the world 



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January 16, 2015

The Sabionari guitar (1679) will be on show in Basel (Switzerland) starting from 16 january 2015 until 26 april 2015 at the exhibition at the HISTORISCHES MUSEUM BASEL: MUSIKMUSEUM


From Strad to Strat, from favourite old twanger to handcrafted concert guitar - there are no limits to the veriety of guitars to be had. They come in all shapes and sizes, perform a range of functions, and feature in the most diverse genres. Guitarorama is a panorama of the guitar and the many different sounds of guitar music.

Before the show, two Events dedicated to the guitar:

- wednesday 14.01.2015 h. 20.15 - Musik Akademie Basel (Kleiner Saal)

„The Sabionari Guitar by Antonio Stradivari“. Concert by Krishnasol Jiménez

- thursday 15.01.2015 - Musik Akademie Basel (Kleiner Saal)

h 9.00      - Presentation of Museo del Violino e Friends of Stradivari

h 10.30    - Lecture about the restoration of the Sabionari by Sinier de Ridder luthiers and experts

h 12.30    - Rendez-vous with the "Sabionari"


May 10th h. 9 pm - Rolf Lislevand in concert with the Sabionari !

An exceptional concert in the new Auditorium of Museo del Violino in Cremona (Italy) one of the best Auditoriums in the world!    

Ticket office: 0039 0372 080809
Music by Sanz, Santiago de Murcia, Pellegrini, Granata, Foscarini, Carbonchi, Corbetta, de Santa Cruz

May 10th h. 4 pm - Lecture in Museo del Violino in Cremona (Italy) about Stradivarius guitar with focus on the Sabionari, history, curiosities, informations about playing technique and music with the partecipation of Rolf Lislevand

Museo del Violino in Cremona (Italy) - Conference Room - Free Entrance    

June 29th and 30th - 2013 Two new Concerts by Krishnasol Jimènez with the Sabionari

The Concerts have been performed in Ettenheim in the Altdorf Castle (Germany).

Go to the Events page to see an extract of the performance

march 1st 2013 -  Brilliant Classics announces the first CD in the world played by a Stradivari guitar                                                                     

                                                                                   Recording “De Visée Piéces pour la Guittarre”

                                                                                   Click on “YouTube” for a better definition

About this release

With hardly any documents relating to his life having survived, very little is known about the French guitarist, theorbist, lutenist and composer Robert de Visée. In 1680 he was supposedly appointed to the court of Louis XIV -- the so-called 'Roi Soleil' -- where he was admired by his benefactors as well as the great musicians influential in Versailles (Lully and Couperin among them). He published three books for guitar during his lifetime, and the many contemporary manuscripts with his music written by amateurs, students and famous musicians are a sure testament to the popularity of his works.

This release is dedicated to a series of guitar pieces that almost all derive from one of his first two publications, Livre de Guittarre dédié au roi (1682) and Livre de Pièces pour la Guittarre (1686). The star of the show is undoubtedly the 'Sabionari' instrument used for the recording and hitherto untouched for almost 200 years: as one of only five extant Stradivari guitars, it is a magnificent example of the sort of instrument that we can expect this music to have been performed on, with its standard tuning perfectly suited to French music of this era. From the extraordinary sonority of the Suite 'accord nouveau', a rare example of scordatura which sees the guitar tuned a semitone lower, to the best-known D minor Suite, this instrument delights for its deeply resonant timbres and distinctive phrasing of the musical text.

Born in Mexico City, the prodigiously talented Krishnasol Jiménez -- who also assisted in the restoration of the 'Sabionari' instrument -- is the soloist on this release, his third for Brilliant Classics. The recording is a welcome addition to the label's ever-growing catalogue of guitar music, and reveals just how much this instrument was enjoyed at the French royal court.

Other information:

- This new recording (2012) features the magnificent "Sabionari" guitar, one of the few remaining guitars built in 1679 by the famous Antonio Stradivari.

- French composer Robert de Visee worked at the court of the Sung King Louis XIV in Versailles, and enjoyed international fame as performer and composer for guitar works.

- Guitarist Krishnasol Jimenez, winner of several international guitar competitions, assisted with the restoration of the guitar, wrote the informative liner notes and the fascinating story of the Sabionari instrument, and plays with deep insight in the style of the French baroque music.

  1. -Contains notes on the music and the history of the Stradivari instrument.

Please find the announcement at:

september 29th 2012 at 12:00 - Lecture about the restoration of the guitar at the MONDOMUSICA exhibit in Cremona performed by Sinier de Ridder luthiers and experts

The Sabionari Guitar will be presented at MONDOMUSICA at 12:00 in the Zelioli Lanzini Room (Pavilion 1)

Organised by: Friends of Stradivari - Fondazione Antonio Stradivari

The “Sabionari” is one of five Stradivari guitars known today. It is perfectly preserved and contemporary to the early painted violins –“Sunrise” and “Hellier”.

At the beginning of the XIX century, like many other baroque guitars, it had been redesigned to follow the instrumental practice. Recently it has been restored to the original baroque configuration with five double strings and, unique in the world, it can be played, taking delight in listening to a Stradivari guitar three centuries after its construction.

See  the Events Program at MONDOMUSICA and look for events on september 29th at 12:00

june 9th 2012 - Back home to Cremona!

The Sabionari Guitar have been entrusted to the Stradivari Foundation in Cremona. The Foundation through the network Friends of Stradivari will let the world know this precious guitar and its sound. Friends of Stradivari will organize expositions and auditions in the Stradivari Museum in Cremona and in Europe.

The first Event have been on june 9th at the San Domenico Hall of the Stradivari Museum at  5 pm. The guitar have been presented at the presence of the major of Cremona Oreste Perri and the the president of the Stradivari Foundation Paolo Bodini.

At the end of the presentation a Concert have been performed by M°.Krishnasol Jimenez. 

Go to the Events page to see the performance

october 9th 2011 - Krishnasol Jimenez plays some Movements of the Suite in G Major (Accord Nouveau) from “Livre de Pieces pour la Guitare dediè au Roy” (1682) by Robert de Visèe

This recording have been made in a chapel of the Monastery of Ss. Annunziata in Rovato (Italy) with a unique microphone at about 1 meter capturing the direct sound and the natural reverberation of the chapel.

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july 30th 2011 - Ugo Nastrucci improvising on The Sabionari Guitar

During the XIII Antique Music Course of Accademia del Ricercare in Romano Canavese (Italy) the Sabionari Guitar has been brought to the Maestro Ugo Nastrucci who spent some time improvising popular Spanish music.

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april 27th 2011 - Fete des Luthiers at MONTPELLIER (FR) Auditorium du Musèe Fabre

"Restauration d'une guitare d'A. Stradivari : la Sabionari" by Françoise end Daniel Sinier-De Ridder luthiers and experts

Only five guitars made by Antonio Stradivari survive in the world. The Sabionari like guitars and most

other instruments of Stradivari, had been redesigned to follow the instrumental practice.

Here is the story of the restoration of this rare and precious instrument and the observations that the luthiers Françoise and Daniel Sinier-De Ridder could do during their work, the new and surprising details that they have noticed and the conclusions they made. A young soloist, Krisnasol Jimenez will played on this rare and exceptional guitar a suite of Robert de Visèe.

Go to the Events page to see the performance

June 15, 2015

A new CD/Blue Ray audio / video produced and mastered in 4K by Bmn-medien is ready !


Krishnasol Jimenéz performed a new recording with the Sabionari guitar in the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium in Museo del Violino in Cremona playing 3 Suites composed by Angelo Michele Bartolotti (? - 1682)

Here is the presentation of the CD/Blue/Ray and a demo video on Youtube:

«questo mio modo di sonare» – Angelo Michele Bartolotti and the high art of Baroque guitar Angelo Michele Bartolotti was already recognized as an outstanding guitarist and theorbo player by his contemporaries. We can still understand why today, because his Secondo Libro di Chitarra in particular demands a technique on the Baroque guitar that is at once stupendous yet highly refined, and of a kind that we only find much later in the published works of other guitar­ists. Bartolotti is also candid about this degree of difficulty in his preface «Al Lettore» to this Secondo Libro: «Quantunque questo mio modo di sonare sia stato da alcuni biasimato per diffi­cile …» («Although some people complain that my manner of playing is difficult …»). Nevertheless, from what we can reconstruct of his biography – of which we know only the broad contours – he was very successful.

May 21, 2016, 6 pm

Modena, Accademia Nazionale di Scienze, Lettere e Arti (ex Accademia dei Dissonanti, founded in 1680) Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 59 Modena

A new exceptional Concert by Rolf Lislevand !

November 20, 2016, 11 am - Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi -

Cremona, Museo del Violino, piazza Marconi - Ticket Office: +39 0372 080809

A unique Concert and a Special event!

The Sabionari Guitar encounters violin Andrea Amati 1566c.”Carlo IX”

Tickets online: